About Us

The News Park ( https://thenewspark.in/ ) is a section of the Publication Division of Tranquility Strategies Private Ltd., The main goal of our organization is “Creating Innovative – Noble Culture of Peace”.  It is our plan to strategize and act accordingly. One of our tasks is to create social awareness among the general public. 

The News Park is a news platform/ social media/online journal   for exclusive articles for creating peace culture, prevention of war and conflicts.  We are also presenting general news stories, articles for social awareness along with analysis/investigation.  We are working with bona fide Intention with commitment to the public interest and democratic values.

“Let’s say as it is, let’s investigate” is our prime policy.  Neutral publication, authenticated information, informative messages, data-oriented articles, simple presentation, publication with analytics and investigation are also our policies.

Our request is “Read Our Publications and Support Us”. Our contact email ID:  [email protected]. Our what’s app: 9487665454 (for message only)

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